5 Great Beaches in Nha Trang

Apart from Nha Trang Beaches, located in the city center, there are 4 other beaches you can visit on the holidays.

Nha Trang Beach

As Nha Trang is bordered by many islands, the climate in this place is quite mild and cool. The sea rarely has mountainous waves.

Situated near the coast, Nha Trang Beach lies inside the city. It is very close to the hotels. You can just cross the street to get this place.

With 7 kilometers in length, Nha Trang Beach extends from the Youth football field to People’s Committee. When coming to this land, you can easily find a great place for swimming, diving, or playing with sand and wave. Otherwise, you can walk around to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the sunshine on the early mornings.

Duong Beach and Hon Chong Beach

Duong Beach: From the city center, you go along Tran Phu St. and cross Tran Phu Bridge. Then, heading the northeast, you can see two different beaches, Duong Beach and Hon Chong Beach.

Unlike the ones in the city center, these beaches are pretty quiet. The sand is vast, the water and wave are gentle. Even when swimming some meters farther out, the sea water can just reach your chest. On the days with the tide receding, the sea level is low. Tourists can go farther to see locals catching oysters, sea snails, etc.

Hon Chong Beach: Looking from this beach, you can see the offshore islands such as Hon Do, Hon Rua, Hon Mot, Hon Tre, etc. There are some fishing boats in the distance. The huge Fairy Mountain can protect the beach whenever the sea is getting extremely rough.

Doc Let Beach

It is about 40 kilometers far from Nha Trang, Doc Let is a famous destination in the north of this city. This crescent-shaped beach lies in Van Phong Bay. The white sand, clean water, and mild wave create its beauty. The sea water is not very high. Trees along both sides of coasts also make Doc Let more attractive.

Doc Let is famous for the market selling fresh seafood. The vendors offer various seafood with affordable price.

Visiting this place, tourists can join in such interesting activities as sailing boats, riding motors on the water, etc. If you are a fan of adventurous sports, you should take part in one interesting game which allows you to fly within 15 minutes for each turn.

Dai Beach

Going along Cu Hin hill road to the south of Nha Trang, you can come to Dai Beach. This beach can attract tourists’ interest because the landscape hasn’t been spoiled. The water is clear, not very deep while the sand is soft and cozy.

In this place, you can also seek for some activities like riding motor on the water, riding canoes, sailing boat, diving to see coral reefs, etc.

Restaurants are specialized in serving foods made with fresh seafood. They will definitely bring you delicious dishes with unforgettable taste.

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