The Great Beaches in Ninh Thuan that Catch the Tourists’ Interest

If you plan to visit Ninh Thuan on your holidays, beaches are the places you should take into consideration. In this land, most of them are still unspoiled. Therefore, it must be a great chance for you to totally enjoy their real natural beauty. This article shows 5 famous beaches in Ninh Thuan which can glamor you.

1. Ca Na

Ca Na Beach is one of the most beautiful and largest unspoiled beaches in Vietnam. Tourists coming to this place can totally see its attractiveness and beauty. It looks like a pretty sleeping Princess. Local people usually imagine Ca Na as a great picture. It is a perfect combination of sea, mountain, and forest together with the ancient Cham culture. This great connection makes Ca Na be a great paradise for traveling and discovering.

2. Mui Dinh

Mui Dinh can totally glamor you since it allows you to enjoy the seabed’s beauty. This crescent-shaped bay is pretty small, so the wave is very mild. There is nothing more wonderful than lying on the sand and enjoy all wonderful things this beach contains. In Mui Dinh, there are not many privacy available since it is unspoiled and deserted. Therefore, you should make a reservation with local people who will help you prepare food, drinks, and privacy for taking bath. Their family is also very friendly. They offer a lot of products with a budget-friendly price.

3. Nuoc Ngot Beach

Nuoc Ngot Beach is very special because of the sea water outside and a stream beginning in the mountain. Locals consider it as the most beautiful beach in Tu Binh. The white sand is soft, while many stones have unique forms. The water is so pure that you can see anything under the sea. After sea-bathing in this place, it is very convenient for you to take bath again at the stream.

There are two ways to get Nuoc Ngot Beach in Nui Chua national park. The easiest way is booking a tour to Binh Hung Island. In the schedule, you can spend time on this beach. Another way is follow the trail down along the freshwater stream to the beach.

4. Kinh Beach

Kinh Beach is the place of departure to get Binh Hung Island. This land contains the vast white sand with clean water, and rocks which have various shapes, sizes. Around 1000m from Kinh Beach to the bay, there is a small island called Binh Hung.

5. Binh Tien Beach

Local people consider this place as a blue gem covered by a vast pine forest and limestone mountain. Binh Tien is still unspoiled. Technological machines have not rebuilt this beach. Therefore, Binh Tien always maintains it originally natural beauty.

There is nothing more wonderful than coming to Binh Tien Beach. You can walk around to get a peaceful atmosphere, admire the sea’s beauty. In addition to, you can just sit on a rock to have a great view in the early mornings and enjoy the little sunshine.

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