Wonderful beaches you should visit in Vung Tau

Back Beach

Located in the south of Vung Tau, Back Beach extends from Nui Nho, at the intersection of Thuy Van St. and Phan Chu Trinh St., to Chi Linh. People consider this place as one of the greatest beaches in Vietnam.

The most wonderful things are gentle waves, clear water. Moreover, there are many restaurants and hotels nearby for you to choose.

Front Beach

Front Beach is a small bay with mild waves. It lies between Big Mountain and Small Mountain. Apart from a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea, the majestic landscape of Big Mountain and Small Mountain make it more attractive.

However, Front Beach contains many rough stones. Therefore it is suitable for wandering around or taking photograph, not for sea-bathing.

Bathing Beach

This beach is only large enough for 20 to 30 people. It contains a great landscape with many strong waves, rough stones. You can see all activities of the fishing boats from this place.

Vong Nguyet Beach

Vong Nguyet Beach lies at the foot of Small Mountain. You can easily see the Giant Jesus Christ Statue on the top of the mountain. It contains the vast white sand, clear water with many waves. Vong Nguyet Beach is pretty unspoiled. To get there, you have to go along the pathway across the slope.

Dau Beach

Go along Tran Phu St. from the Front Mountain and pass Bach Dinh,you will get to Dau Beach. This is a beach with few winds and strange stones. The terrain is great for taking photograph or wandering around, not for sea-bathing.

Thuy Tien Beach

This beach has opened for only a few years. Therefore, not many tourists know this place. With the ideal area and the unspoiled and romantic beauty, Thuy Tien Beach is totally suitable for playing sports or joining in outside activities.

Chi Linh Beach

It lies in Chi Linh tourist area, 3 kilometers from Vung Tau city center. Being a perfect combination of sea, mountain, and fresh air, many tourists consider this place as the second Da Lat.

Doi Nhai Beach

To visit this place, you should go along 3/2 Street from Vung Tau City. Keep going straight until seeing the sign. It is a great place for camping with many people. Remember that you should not bring any drinks or snacks when coming to this place.

Ho Coc Beach

Ho Coc Beach came 8th in the list of 12 cheapest destinations in 2015, compiled by Thrillist. It is a wonderful, unspoiled and majestic beach.

Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram Beach contains a lot of wonderful things. The sand is white. And the sea is blue. Moreover, its depth is ideal. Many beaches in this place belong to some resorts.

Suoi O Beach

It has not been used for tourism. To visit this place, you go from Binh Chau Market. After seeing a crossroad, pull in. Keep going to the end of the street, you can see Suoi O Beach.

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