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PSA established membership regions in 1997.  There are twenty-six (26) membership regions in North America.  Region 27 (Europe) was established in 2006.  Region 28 (United Kingdom & Ireland), Region 29 (China), Region 30 (South East Asia), and Region 31 (Middle East) were established in 2007.  Region 32 (Australia & New Zealand) and Region 33 (Indian Sub-continent) were formed in 2008. Region 34 (Equatorial & Southern Africa) and Region 35 (South America) were created in 2009.  One or more Region Director (RD) serves a PSA membership region by directing the membership retention and acquisition efforts of the region.
To see a map of the PSA Membership Regions in North America or outside North America and access the region webpages,  
Click on the appropriate Map.
Region Director "Leader" The Region Director "Leader" recognition is awarded at the end of each year to each Region Director whose region membership percent increase is as much as, or more than, the total PSA membership percent increase. The Region Director needs to have served for at least three months.
The phrase “2010 Leader,” “2011 Leader” is placed on the Region webpage. The Region Director can use this recognition phrase in their Region email signature and in PSA Honors and Awards applications.
of the Year:
The Region Director of the Year award is presented during the PSA Conference to the Region Director whose motivation, energy, leadership, and activities best exemplify endeavors to retain PSA members and obtain new PSA members in a region.

of the Year

1998 Carol-Ann Rogus, FPSA
2000 Jean Timmermeister, FPSA
2001 Gerald Emmerich, FPSA, EPSA
2002 Richard Whitley, APSA, PPSA
2003 Bob Gorrill, APSA
2004 Jim & Alyce Pagano
2005 Don Frisque, PPSA
2006 Elena McTighe
2007 Tony Potter
2008 Kathy O'Donnell
2009 Pat Gordy
2010 Lisa Schnelzer
Lisa Schnelzer, Region 18 Director, recieves 2010 Region Director of the Year Award from PSA President, Fred Greene, FPSA, EPSA, at the PSA Conference in Charleston, SC.
Pat Gordy, Region 13 Director, recieves 2009 Region Director of the Year Award from Membership Vice President, Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA, at the PSA Conference in West Yellowstone. MT.
Kathy O'Donnell, Region 4 Director, recieves 2008 Region Director of the Year Award from Membership VP, Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA, at the PSA Conference in Portland, OR.
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