Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Region 32   (Australia & New Zealand)
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Region: Australia
New Zealand
Samoa Islands
Australian Photographic Society Inc. Geelong West Victoria, Australia
South Australian Photographic Federation Inc. Kent Town, Australia
Maitland International Salon of Photography Maitland, Australia
Northern Tasmanian Camera Club Youngtown, Australia
Sydney Stereo Camera Club Enmore, Australia
North Sydney Leagues Photographic Society Sydney NSW, Australia
Northern Tasmanian Camera Club Inc Youngtown, Australia
Terra Australis Digital Imaging Club Forster, Australia
West Tamar Camera Club, Inc Tas, Australia
Bill Hodges, AFIAP, APSNZ, being presented a Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ)Service Award by the patron of the PSNZ, Vonnie Cave, Hon.FPSNZ, FPSNZ, at the PSNZ 57th National Convention in April 2009.
Hervey Bay Photography Club held several shoots and competitions during 2008.  These photos show some of the winners and the bottom image is the club members  ready for a night shoot.
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